Making proces

K-dobok is specialized in making customized Korean martial arts uniforms.

After we got the confirmation of your order we start making your dobok.
The complete dobok is handmade in our factory here in Korea.

Once your dobok is ready we add text and logo’s as you preferred.
We use a high quality film to make sure the text and logo don’t peel off after washing. Check out the TEXT STYLES page to know more about the different options.

The high quality film is added to the dobok with a high quality pressing machine.
The protection sheet of the film is taken off by hand.

To make maintain your dobok in the best condition the dobok shouldn’t be washed warmer than maximum 40° C ! The dobok will look better after washing a couple of times.


Text and logo film is placed on the back side of the dobok and the dobok is placed on the pressing machine.


Film is pressed on the dobok with a high quality pressing machine.
The protection sheet on the film is removed.


Final result of the back side dobok

Please notice that we provide our dobok only with a special foil via heat transfer.
This is only possible with simple logo`s and pictures as shown on the website.
It`s advisable to print complicated or very detailed logo`s via screen printing.
Screen printing is not possible for a small number of dobok.
If you prefer screen printing, please always inform us about the number of dobok that has to be printed.